Non Clinical Nursing Job Opportunities

Non clinical nursing jobs are not jobs that many people are aware of in the nursing industry. A job in nursing, unbeknown to many, is not just limited to clinical work in the hospital. Nursing is a dynamic and widespread career which branches out a lot more than most people realize. Nursing remains a specialist field where professional knowledge and care is needed. There are a number of non clinical nursing jobs for those who choose not to be limited to just purely hospital work.The reasons people opt for a career in non clinical nursing jobs vary and can be summed up as follows:-The main explanation for so many senior nurses turning to the non clinical nursing field is because of the physical demands of nursing and the toll it can take on the mind and the body. The stress of nurses should not be underestimated. Nurses need to provide care and attention to patients for eight hours a day, sometimes more. It is often that the doctors take the limelight and the credit for the well-being of the patients, when, in fact it is the nurses who provide the first line and constant care and monitoring of the patients. They are, most times, also responsible for the treatment for a wide variety of health conditions.-Other times, they are unable to cope with the stress and effect of death, morbidity and severe illness.-Others choose the non-clinical field because people may just want to do something different as a typical nursing job can become repetitive and monotonous after a certain amount of time in that field.-Senior nurses often make the transition from the clinical side of nursing to administrative work. As a health care executive or administrator, you can assume the title of the Chief Nursing Officer.Whatever be your reason, there are a lot of career options out there that will lead your way out of the clinic or hospital. It does not require you to give up your nursing knowledge and skills and you can just learn to use them in a different way. Yes, there are several opportunities that require your nursing skills in non-clinical settings. If you are an experienced nurse looking for a career change onto alternative nursing, you have no reason to worry. Remember: Your skills and talents can equip you for a job assignment out of the traditional clinical setting.The non clinical jobs available in nursing often fill niche jobs in the health care industry. Such jobs include a career in health care recruitment, serving as a liaison officer between different agencies. There is also a whole field of non clinical nursing jobs called Nursing Informatics which specializes in information technology and computers, data management and processing.Some nursing jobs outside the clinical region may overlap with teaching. If there is someone who has a passion for teaching and passing on knowledge this is perfect for them. These sorts of people often become heavily involved in nursing school, medical certification and first aid and CPR training.Here are some interesting career alternatives for nurses:• Clinical Research AssociateA CRA job makes sure that clinical trials are done accurately and without making any compromises to the patient’s wellbeing. A CRA also ensures the correctness of the data collected. So if you plan to explore this option, you will spend your working hours visiting clinicians who will be performing the required the clinical trials. The scope is enormous and you can work in the fields of biotechnology, in academic medical centers, pharmaceuticals, and various government agencies.Basically, a clinical trial is a research study of a medical equipment, a drug or even a biological treatment for humans. Pharmaceutical drugs, for example, need to undergo various clinical trials to find out the safety, effectiveness and side effects, if any. It is only then that they are approved for use. A job in the clinical research is important to for betterment of health and nurses can satisfy this requirement very well.• Telecommuting Nursing CareerThis job is one of the logical options available for nurses who want a job away from the traditional, clinical setting. It requires some writing skills and gives you opportunities in the companies related to health information technology, health organizations, clinical research centers and medical transcription centers looking for writers in the medical field. Even medical websites may want to employ you for services.• Nurse ContractorNurse contracting is a business venture you may want to consider if you want an independent set up. Setting up a Nursing Agency can give you the financial freedom and flexibility. It requires some networking initially, but it is a lucrative field once the teething issues, as in any business, are dealt with.• Legal Nurse ConsultantsAnother opportunity is for you to combine your nursing skills with an additional degree in legal nursing and become a health care legal professional. It requires further certification as a nursing legal consultant but once you get that training you can accept medical and health related cases. It requires that you know the laws and standards for various health care services; but with armed with this qualification you can offer your services to government agencies, lawyers, insurance agencies and even to private companies.• Travel NurseA travel nursing career offers nursing job opportunities that you require you to travel with the patient to ensure her/ his health. It can be a fun way to work, especially if you enjoy traveling. Since many nurses are bound by other responsibilities and may not be able to travel, this option does give you the upper hand to negotiate flexible hours and competitive rates along with other perks such as housing and insurance. You may just need to pick the right placement agency to ensure that you land the best possible deal.As you can see there is a huge demand for nurses even in alternative nursing jobs. It just requires a bit of time and effort to check out the opportunities that can match your requirements and you can spread your wings -literally, in same cases!!